Marta Cabral

Rota Vicentina

Bilateral Meetings

  • Saturday 18 April 2015 (09:30 am - 10:45 am)
  • Saturday 18 April 2015 (11:15 am - 12:30 pm)
DescriptionRota Vicentina is a regional Project of sustainable development based on a 350 kms pedestrian route along the southwest coast of Portugal (also included in GR11), was inaugurated in 2012 and it's already a big success among international market and local partners. Besides the management and maintenance of the route, this non-profit association also dedicates to awareness, articulation with the community and the local business framework, international promotion and commercialization. Focusing on nature tourism and in the potential of the Alentejo and Vicentina Coast, the project was a the result of a partnership between more than 100 micro-companies of the region and the public entities with council, regional and sector responsibilities, focusing on volunteering and civic awareness of population and visitors.
Organization Type Institution
CityOdemira, Tv. Botequim, 6 Google map
Areas of Activities


  1. Accommodation
  2. Tour Operators / Travel Agencies
  3. Active and Nature Tourism Activities
  4. Destination Management Companies and Organisations
  5. Other Tourism activities
Offer & Request

400 km walking route along Sw Coast Natural Park

We represent 120 companies from the Sw region along Rota Vicentina that provide all types of services that matter for hikers and tour operators.

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