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  • Saturday 18 April 2015 (09:30 am - 10:45 am)
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DescriptionFounded in 2003, Lands is one of the first Portuguese local companies of tours and activities specialized in nature-based tourism in the South of Portugal. WHAT WE DO: With over 10 years of field experience in the region, we organize nature-tourism activities and tours in the Algarve. IN THE ALGARVE: Birdwatching, Guided walks, Nature and wildlife tours and Local interest guidance services. IN RIA FORMOSA: Sailing boat trips, courses and classes, Kayak tours, Birdwatching and Guided walks. Since its foundation in 2003, Lands committed to the development of sustainable tourism in the region offering our guests unique holiday experiences in the Algarve assuring quality, safety and sensitivity on all our programs. Over the years we gained a considerable and profound knowledge we love to pass on to our guests so you can enjoy an unique experience in the Algarve.
Organization Type Company
Organization Size1-10
Founding Year2003
CityFaro, Edifício Ginásio Clube Naval Doca de Recreio de Faro 8000-541 Faro Algarve - Portugal Google map
Areas of Activities


  1. Active and Nature Tourism Activities

Nature-based tours and activities in the Algarve and Ria Formosa

We offer you day tours and nature-based activities as a complement to your holiday package in the Algarve and you choose activities and tours like sailing, kayaking, guided walks or birdwatching.

We will guarantee you a good time spent during a fantastic day out exploring the very best of the Algarve's nature.


Birdwatching in the Algarve

Lands offer birdwatching tours with enthusiastic local guides to the best birdwatching spots of the Algarve.

Put on your birding hat and have a great day out enjoying the best of the Algarve bird life.

Our tours are specifically designed for those who want a focused birding holiday whilst enjoying the chance to travel to wild and beautiful parts of the Algarve. Main emphasis is given to the observation of birds but whilst on tour, we might have opportunities to view mammals and other wildlife. Our tours are suitable for all levels of birding experience and for all ages. The guides are very competent and experienced ornithologists with a profound knowledge of all bird species in the areas visited.

Contact us for a meeting if you're a travel agency or a tour operator interested in the Algarve as a birdwatching holiday destiny.


Local interest guidance services in the Algarve

Lands offers a local interest guidance services to groups or specialized agencies and operators.

Nature guidance and local knowledge of the Algarve coupled with history and cultural heritage details enrich any holiday and are the key to make the best use of any holiday program.


Walking in the Algarve

The mild climate, especially during winter and spring, makes the Algarve ideal for beautiful walks along cliffs and mountains, rivers and through green countryside. It shows a great variety of habitats and is therefore quite unique with Mediterranean ecosystems that give rise to a diverse range of trees, wild flowers, birds and other animals.

We take advantage of such great potential by offering a range of many different walking programs. Each day highlights the varied terrain, wildlife and traditions enabling us to explore one of the last remaining unspoiled corners of Europe.

Choose between biological excursions, cliff walks along a fantastic and well preserved coastline, mountain walks in the inner region or nature trails in the protected areas. The itineraries are designed to give you a good introduction to the region you are visiting and we want you to experience beautiful nature during a moderate pace.

Our tours are suitable for all levels of walking experience and for all ages. Our guides are very competent and experienced with a profound knowledge in botanic, fauna and regional geography in the areas visited.

Contact us for a meeting if you're a travel agency or a tour operator interested in the Algarve as a walking holiday destiny.