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Open Waters

Bilateral Meetings

  • Saturday 18 April 2015 (09:30 am - 10:45 am)
  • Saturday 18 April 2015 (11:15 am - 12:30 pm)
DescriptionOpen Waters is a company dedicated to scuba diving in the algarve.
Organization Type Company
CityQuarteira, Rua vereador Filipe Jonas nº2 Google map
Areas of Activities


  1. Active and Nature Tourism Activities

Dive Trip

Along the Algarve coastline you can find several wrecks, and rock formations of various sizes and formats .
The variety of wrecks brings a new experience to each dive.

From Vilamoura to Faro there are several smaller boat wrecks, WWII aircraft wreckages and in Faro area you can also find the remains of a 17th century vessel.

The seabed in this region is rich in aquatic species: fish, shellfish, algae and corals.

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Several diving courses and levels are taught throughout the year at Open Waters due to the favourable weather conditions in the Algarve. At our headquarters you will find a classroom where theory is taught and a swimming pool for practical diving lessons. The courses are given to groups of 8 people by qualified instructors, who carefully follow and guide the students throughout their learning process and therefore guarantee that each one will be in safe hands! We lend a full set of equipment to students who join our courses (diving suit, mask, tube, vest, tank, regulator, fins and weight belt) without any additional costs.

As a PADI and SSI certified center we offer a wide range of learning levels from begginers to experienced and speciality courses

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