António Ferreira

Aldeia da Pedralva Tourism Village

Bilateral Meetings

  • Saturday 18 April 2015 (09:30 am - 10:45 am)
  • Saturday 18 April 2015 (11:15 am - 12:30 pm)
DescriptionAldeia da Pedralva is a Tourism Village located on the Natural Park of St. Vicent Coast (West Algarve). This entire village was in ruins until 2006. After a long process of 4 years to find all the heritors, to buy the houses and rebuilt all the village, Aldeia da Pedralva became a popular place for Hiking, Biking, Surfing and Birdwatching Clients. Aldeia da Pedralva offers 27 portuguese traditional cottages (40 rooms), swimming pool, a tradicional restaurant and Café Central, reception and a Nature Activity Centre with 32 bicycles, GPS with Hiking and Biking Trecks, Surf School and diving activities. Our Tourism Village (accommodation, reception, restaurant, café central, transfers, activity center) is open 365 days per year.
Organization Type Company
Organization Size11-25
Founding Year2006
CityVila do Bispo, Rua de Baixo - Recepção - Aldeia da Pedralva Google map
Areas of Activities


  1. Accommodation
  2. Active and Nature Tourism Activities

Hiking, Cycling and Birdwatching Travel Agencies

Aldeia da Pedralva, located on the Natural Park of St. Vicent Coast, is the perfect place for your clients. Our 24 cottages (40 rooms), reception, traditional restaurant, café central and activity center is open 365 Days Per Year. We guarantee all the service that you need, included transfers for clients or luggage, lunch boxes... We have a lot of experience with Nature Tourism Tour Operators.

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An authentic an genuine Tourism Village located at the Natural Park of St. Vicent Coast

Aldeia da Pedralva was a rural village entirely in ruins that was rebuilt in 2010 as a Tourism Village. Now this typical portuguese village offers you a genuine and authentic rural experience with 24 rural cottages, restaurant, café central, swimming pool, and an activity center with 32 bicycles, GPS´s with hiking and biking trecks, surf school, diving and much more nature activities.

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